Well, they say age is a factor in decision making. The more you grow the better your decisions are.

An idiom. And idioms have exceptions.

Now you know where I fit.

I've been making all my decisions all these years.

It was I who decided I was going to be a boy. And I now take it for granted my decisions are always good.

I remember the time when I had to decide which school to switch to. I had been in my previous school since my kinder garden and I happily chose to switch to another new school. When I had to choose what I wanted for my 12th birth day, I was spontaneous in calling out for a bicycle.

Well, then came my teen. This is where trouble starts. Actually this is where you get into trouble. All hell breaks loose when you realize that your friend for all these years has been a GIRL!!!!

You tend to think out of the box with anything you do. Be it riding your cycle with the gang or just hanging out with your family. You are in what can only be described as adolescence. Your actions are automatically reasoned and your parents are just scared beyond grief at your state. You are no longer paraded as a SON. You are now just a boy.

Getting back to the girl (they do not like being neglected for too long), you tend to realize her presence and your hesitation. You are no longer free to talk to her about you flat tire the other day. The major reason being, she doesn't trust you any more.

A serious situation indeed. And to top things off, Its now time for you to decide whether you are going to be an Engineer like Uncle Krishnan or be a doctor like Aunty Rekha or just be free like cus Raj.

Its a vulnerable state of mind and when you have a girl toying your brains at this stage, you are in for the most glorious recipe for disaster.

Get through all of that and finish your school, you realize that all this time you have been blissfully unaware of the joys of life. A 5 month hibernation period to muddle things up in your mind and blindly point in the direction of the closest Engineering College to home. Life has its ups and down. Now that you have decided its going to be an engineering college, its time to decide which course. Again, a game of twister and WOAH!!! you are a mechanical engineer in the making.

Again getting back to the girl, all this time you fall out of touch. You being nervous to act and she being busy scoring. As a fairy tale would have it, you score like hell and she drops a few points on the total and ends up in the same college you picked(BLINDFOLDED!!!!). Well life does give you a second chance once in a while.

You are in fresh company. You find good friends in strangers and you are now exposed to their ways of life. Its different being exposed to another's take on life.

You struggle to keep up with life. You struggle harder to keep up with your count on flunked subjects. Life is like a sailor's knot. The harder you struggle, the tighter the knot gets.

So sometimes, the best thing to do is sit back and relax. But mind you, once you get used to the idea of relaxing, you loose the idea of working.

Man girls are hard to maintain. You cant stray off them for any period of time longer than 5 seconds. Like i said, you are just out of your teens and in a society that wants the sexes to meet and interact. You try your luck. You seek help from those you think are the masters of the art of bird snaring. You spend like you crap money. You forget you dad pulls in lesser than he shells out on you. You are now the captive of the aged and mystic society of The Incurable Spendthrifts. Cycling with the gang now escalates to riding with the mob.

Your dad realizes you are growing(better late than never). He wants to help shape your future. Its your 22nd birthday, you are nearing your end of college life. Your dad wants to get you something that might help you in the future. He wants you to decide.

Well I am at this stage now and I am absolutely devastated. Well between the scores of friends and that girl I tend to neglect, its difficult to decide between the PSP and the PS2.


I say PSP!!!!!!!!!


Vivek said...

PSP it iS!!!!
Otherwise Get a laptop!!!!

sid said...

like I said...both...