I call this PROTO only because this is my first blog and I have no previous experience in either blogging or penning my thoughts. I only write because my friend has been badgering me to do so for just over an eternity now. Well I thought if I start writing in my blog, I can start commenting in his. To start off on a lighter note, I decided to talk on one of my favorite topics, BOREDOM. My sole companion since I left college. I work at PRICOL, and I found here, my escape from this disease of mine. I tend to get bored easily of whatever I do. I decided to do a little research on WHY I got bored so easily. I found there can be quite a few reasons why one can get bored. I listed them out so I can get a good grip on the situation and try an ease myself off this state of mind. I thought I could share my research with people I know so that they can chuck any ideas on why I am a pain in the butt.

Boredom has been my savior for all these years. I have proof that the only word that can stop any argument at its peak is "BOREDOM". I would encourage you to try it...

Take for instance an argument with your parents on why you flunked your exams (10.5/100)...I promise you you can stun your parents to a dumb silence by just saying " I was too bored to answer more than 2 questions"...

Trust me when I tell you it works.

Boredom has been my reason to both success and failure. I succeeded in failing because I was bored.

I did not start blogging all these days because I was too bored to and I have now started blogging because I was too bored to do anything else. I remember the times in college when I attended classes because I was bored.

I can safely use 'Bored' to reason out any of my mistakes. And I do it too.

Why didn't you come home for dinner????!!!!

Doesn't the expression "BORED" just fall in place here????

When does someone get bored?
I am sure it happens when you have been doing either too much of the same thing or doing something the same way for just a little too long.

The best part is I have not been doing either but I am easily bored. Nothing can keep me happy for too long.

All this is in tune with the Newtons Law : (Some)Body will continue to be in a state of SLEEP or of Continual BOREDOM until acted upon by an external force.

All it takes to feel busy (I assume thats the opposite of Bored), is some force.

A supernatural force for sure, coz I've never experienced it before.

Why the hell do I talk so much about something so lame???



Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

he he he.. i've been there dude [:D]. But the word boredom doesnt seem to convince ma parents :)

Vivek said...

Waiting long to hear about your boredom!
And I haven't been badgering you for more than a month.(Only feels like an eternity since you get bored easily)

Nice new Newtons Law. (Haven't heard one of those in a while)

Vivek said...

dude I remember you din tell your parents about the 10.5/100!! How did the news get out??
:-D (It wasn't me)

sid said...

nah vibu...its jus coz u havent tried i the way i have...