How do you manage to do it??? You are definitely not normal...How do you manage to convince so many people that you are an innocent Iyengar boy???

People refer to my unwarranted, irrational decisions that usually sets me apart from the blanket term "normal". I shrug at their responses with "I am just spontaneous!!!". I am sure they don't buy it. The main cause for their worry is how free I am with what I do. And how little constrains I lead my life with. My family (except for my parents who have given up on me) can't believe I have the guts to ride my bike alone on several occasions, on treacherously long rides. It has been my passion to ride bikes at top speeds and the open roads are always inviting. I love the way my baggy pants flop around in the gushing winds and how the wind feels in my hair. Its amazing!!!! It took me 20 minutes to decide I was not going to take the train or the bus to my native. I took off on my bike after work.

How dare you??? We trusted you!!! You scare us with whatever you do!!!! Your mother was dead with fear for you!!!! Why did you not inform her??? Is one phone call too much to ask???

You would think my dad was taking out his frustration, but this was my aunt speaking her mind out in my face while the entire family was assembled around me, ogling at the feat I had just accomplished. Through all this, my mother stood meekly at the back, unable to give up on her son and unable to stand what the others were putting him through. However, all that my dad had to say was, how were the roads???

I recently took a fall on my bike and had my back stitched at 6 places. I had don a good job of keeping it a complete secret from everyone I knew. Except of course my parents. My dad had to say I was running temperature, to come from Chennai, to help me from the hospital. Well, when I had to take off my shirt to get my head shaved at Tirupathi, I left a scar on the person my family thought I was.

You think you are so smart!!!! I told you a bullet is no bike for you!!! You never listen!!! Is there someone you respect enough to obey??? I am so sorry for your wife!!!

I had to remind my aunt I was not yet married. I managed to calm her down saying this was from making fun of my mother. SMART!!!

Then there is the ever changing hair style. I am not even sure what style I am following. There is one comment I am now dying from. Vechha kudumi, saracha mottai.

I've always wondered who I took after in all this... I was wondering until today...

I JUST thought of this... We leave late tonight, reach Guruvayoor n the early morning and return by afternoon tomorrow, giving you enough time to rest. Can you ride the bullet through the trip???

My dad announced his plans to ride on my bike all the way to Guruvayoor and back, 10 minutes from landing in Coimbatore.

Now I have someone to blame for all that's not normal in me!!! Thanks pa...


Perception said...

Good one! I have had my dad lecture me on one occasion and my uncle tell my dad- Dude, its like history repeating itself :). Well maybe it does come in the blood.

Vivek said...

1.) You ALWAYS struggled to balance the bike! (Mosquito on an elephant)
2.) You told me about the accident. Late as always.
3.)Your head has a small tail in it.
4.) Like Father like son.

sid said...

Exactly Perception!!!Its the same everywhere i believe....

Vivek...no comments...uve put down enough to raise eyebrows...

Harini Padmanabhan said...

:) Its all in the genes. Thats the excuse i give whenever i do something crazy