They had to part. It was unforeseen, but they decided it was best for the future. Neither of them liked the thought of parting each other. He did not know how long it was going to be before he saw her again. It hurt him to think about it.

They decided on the time. Both of them were hurt pretty bad and were sure they would not see each other part. He had his friend for support, she only had him. The thought tore his heart right out. He had to decide fast. The best thing to do was to have her moved to some place safe where she can lay back and relax, recover and get back to him, rejuvenated.

He missed the mornings when they spent atleast 15 minutes in getting each other going for the day. He missed the way she was stubborn in letting him leave and how she made him want to take her to work, keep her by him all day long.

She knew she was the love of his life and made sure she kept her toe within the line in flirting with his short fuse on his rage. And he was thankful for this. They both tried each others patience, but love doing so.

He would take her out, wherever he went. She knew all his friends and loved the way he was possessive of her when they were around. He was keen in sensing her "ikki" feeling, around some of his friends and he made sure they never to set eyes on her.

He protected her, though she was pretty tough on her own. He defended her when others made fun of the two of them. Everyone said they were not made for each other. He did not care, but made sure she knew he thought they were wrong.

Life was pretty lively and active untill that dreadful day. He still remembers all the details. Every minute that passed that day and how they felt like an hour. How his decision to let her go for just that day had brought them to this juncture. How he felt he was only helping her, but got her in this state.

She, on the other hand, was anxious that he not blame himself for their state. She suggested a break from their tightly twisted lives, to breathe, to recuperate.

He blamed himself, not for them being in this state, but for making the fateful decision to part for a rest. It was for her good, he re-assured his now completely broken heart. He set her up at an all-expences-paid recoup centre. He did not tell her whre she was going. It took some planning and some string-pulling to get her a spot in the centre.

His work had been so demanding all the week that he did not have any time to pine. He only missed the times they had together in the morning and the evening.

The week ended, it was saturday. The day they would forget themselves and just wander around. He still did not completely fell her absense. He was however, torn up with the misery he caused her, later that very day.

After nearly a week's seperation, the first sign of life from her. She had sent him her bill. It ran to Rs. 5186/-. He sent across a cheque, happy he was goning to see her soon enough, fresh, completely renewed and fitted with


He cant wait to see her again and he cant wait to reaquaint with the renewed half of his heart.


Vivek said...

You REALLY got to a get a real galfren.
Very similar to what you have now.
A BRAND NEW SILENCER: You'd be surprised when you cant talk.
A BRAND NEW MIRROR: She'll need a lot more than one.
A BRAND NEW PAINT JOB: IF she doesn't look good it may come to that!
But if you tell her she needs one, she'll come at you with a NEW FRONT FENDER!

sid said...

Ha Ha Haaa!!!!!!Very funny...but tanx for the warnin...im happy gettin ma 'gal' a silencer...

Hari said...

'He was keen in sensing her "ikki" feeling'

Are you sure it wasn't THAT homophone? ;)

And I thought you might have mentioned somewhere about enjoyable rides, no dice huh? ;)

sid said...

no pun meant at all man...its just da title...an da amazing rides still pending...waiting for am ride ta get back man...

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Have you finally reaquainted yourself with the renewed half of your heart?

sid said...

no yaar...its going to take till da end o dis week...im like da soldiers wife waitin for da war to end...