She was late to start from her home. She left only at 7.15.

She usually wakes up by 5.30 in the morning, when I lay oblivious to the hair raising siren my phone emits for an alarm. She was tired the previous night after a delay at the ice cream parlor. She slept 25 minutes later than she normally does. This is why she had to wake up with a start at 6.15, 45 minutes later than usual.

Her father, who usually wakes up at 4.30 for his usual morning walk for paper and milk, was not around the house when she was frustrated with herself. If he had been back, 10 minuets earlier, he would not have been held up in the bathroom, tending to his morning dooties and would definitely have woken her up, at least 10 minutes earlier.

They normally buy the milk that's got 2.5% fat. Today, however, they were forced to buy the one with 5% fat. This delayed the boiling time by 5 minuted than what it normally is. Her breakfast had to wait as she was habitual of drinking her milk before she touched a morsel of food in the morning.

The father, being late as he was, sat down with the morning paper, forgetting the bread that was toasting on the grill. It was too late when he realized that the smell was not of his daughter's usual cologne.

Her breakfast had to wait as he milk was late by 5 minuets. Now that her bread was ruined, she was delayed by another 5 minutes.

She throttled her bike with all he might to make up for the last time. Her effective speed with her daily duties had only delayed her 15 minutes from her usual start for work.

Her friend had, the previous day, a flat tire and could not ride to work and requested her to pick her up as well. She obliged as they lived just a few blocks from each other.

As they zoomed together on the bike, down the deserted main road, they realized that the signal that usually did not work, started functioning. They were inching closer to their dead line for time.

The blazed through the signal, not minding the steady whistle from the cop who was never there usually. They braked to see what the problem was about. Another 5 minute delay.

They realized the main road was not their way to go and turned into one of the less conspicuous side roads that ran parallel to the main road.

The obvious shrink in the size of the road did not stop them form hitting what can only be described as BREAK NECK SPEED.

Leave out all the reasons above, if only I had not done 60 km/h (or was it mph) on my bike, I would not have been sitting at home on a working day, with cops ramming my door and the bleeding slit on my back ruining the pleasure of seating my swollen legs (that's where my bike landed on the road when the, then late, girls crashed into my bike).

P.S.: The word LATE does not mean the girls are dead and the post is no way a representative of what acually happed at the scene of their crime.


Vivek said...

Yeah right!
Take rest

Harini Padmanabhan said...

First visit here. Nice post. Well written!

sid said...

Hey vivek...believe what you want...but i am sure the cops are on my side now...and s...i will take as much erst as I can...

and thanx harini...just found out u have some connection vit madurai...was dere for 15 years...

Harini Padmanabhan said...

oh. i am from madurai. Live there still [:)]

sid said...

vivek...chk out da smilie harinis left...tel sriraj deres no point in bad mouthing the place (madurai)...

Vivek said...

Yeah thats my new years resolution.
After establishing contact with aliens.