Well, they usually say, 'when in Rome, do as the Romans do'. I would just retort saying, why? When in Rome, just do what you want to do. As a kid, they teach you how to behave as a kid. In school, they teach you how to be a student. In college, they try to teach you how to be a professional. At work, they teach you that morality is what at stake. At each stage, they teach you to be something they think is best for you. They teach you what they missed in their lives. They use you to fill their gaps. They think they are helping you be better than what they turned out to be. A kid is an individual as long as he thinks for himself. A man is an individual as long as he decides for himself. The moment there is someone trying to sort things out for him, he loses his identity as an individual. He is obscured by the bonds of the so called society. I love the saying 'it was man who created civilization. Not the other way around'. Its true. If man did not think for himself, he would not have lost his fur or shaved his arm pits. If man did not think for himself, there would not have been any mankind. Who taught man how to feed or how to commit suicide? He tried, he succeeded. Those who failed are hungry and alive(the worst things that can happen to someone at th same time). Man has a mind that grows with him. It remembers. It recollects. Only when you see, you remember. Only when you remember, you recollect. Only if you recollect, you can prove your point, any where. Well, unless you think for yourself, you can't be you. Its people like them who tell you there is a right way to think and a wrong way to think. Theres only one way to think...Your way. The m0ment you have someone else doing your thinking, you are institutionalized. You have lost your identity in the land of the free men. The moment you start thinking like a man when you are a kid, you are institutionalized. The moment you start thinking like a retired man at 21, in your first job, you are institutionalized. Be free. You have a mind of your own. Stop using what others use. Find your mettle and focus your way, screw the world.

This is a bloody straight forward post. Please don't look for any hidden meaning or wise-cracks. There aren't any. This was not written in frustration. This was written as a reminder for me to not stop myself from doing what I want to do. Same goes to you.


Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

A real blatant truth. I'd always complain about people "aping" other people or doing what others like. To impress a total stranger. A passer by.
Good post as usual.

sid said...

Thanx man...And appreciate the thought of wanting to impress a stranger...you become the alien no one understands when you start changing yourself for others

Vivek said...

It seems SOMEONE is very unhappy at his current workplace. Or maybe needs the company of a very pretty gal!
No one is more wild-stallion than you SID. I remember you just packing your bags and traveling to Manargudi to get away from it all.

Vibushan Lakshminarayan said...

You have been tagged :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Oh yes! I'm too damn glad to have read this post!

I so much 'hail' these words of yours which are no less than gospel truth!

If I have to sum it up in one word, i'll say "AWE-FANTASTIC-SOME"

If only people thought...... by themselves!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

btw..... I've got you in my blogs-in-amrs (blogroll)

sid said...

Bro...I ain unhappy man...wait till ive told you what i do at work...ita my next post

and rakesh...thanks a bunch...and yes...all i find today is people reflecting others thoughts...its time everyone was themselves...