The Catch

Have you had a girl in your life?One you can describe as 'The One'? Well, though the best part of having one of those, is having itself, it comes with this deliberate and distorted fear of loss. How can you prevent her from falling for someone else, just the way she fell for you. The lies you said, the cheap gifts you bought and the lousy stories you fabricated to justify the worthlessness of the piece of junk and how anyone else can do all of that much better than you. leepless nights that you would rather spend talking on the phone with her just to make sure she ain't talking to no one else, than catch some well earned rest for all the wooing to come. Well so save myself from all those things that can ruin your health, I went and got myself a bike. Well, she is never too different from a girl. I still have nightmares of her being stolen from our car park. Recently I came home after spending close to a month and a half away from her. Eager to get united but absolutely worn out from the travel, i just threw her a glimpse and walked indoors. The thing in living among friends is that you tend to stay into the night having fun and throwing riots and when you suddenly enter the nakedness of your house, it feels like you have nothing to do. So here I was trying my best to fall asleep, but accomplishing nothing but a sore back from tossing myself about in bed. Having not sat on my bike for what can only be describes as an era of the dry butt, I wanted to replace it with an era of the 'Sore Butt' from riding her. Here I lay, dreaming of all the places that lay ahead of me, gleaming in the early morning sun, waiting to be explored by me and here I was, not allowed to ride coz' my mother felt I was over my head in this. All the while this was running in my head, I was still struggling to lay my thoughts to rest and sleep my journey off. Finally when the thoughts seemed to subside and I was slowly, but surely drifting into sleep, I heard it. I was not going to be rash and rush ahead, so i waited to confirm the reality of the sound. I opened my eyes and shook my head to shake the sleep off. Within seconds, there it was, again, unmistakable. It started with the clang of the gate's chains against the steel bars of the gate. It was shortly followed by a hand driven rotary say running intermittently. The steel chain used on our door was as old as the house we lived in. This meant that it was going to give in easily. The next few minutes were agony. I was praying, "leave the bike!!!!Take my dad's car. He never uses it!!!!". I hoped there was a telepathic link between the two of us. Precious time was passing. I knew I could scare them off if i opened the window and shouted. So here I was, nervous and sweating, walking to wards the window. As I approached the window, i realized the sounds were subsiding. Fear gripped me. I tried the rust consumed latch of the window, when the sounds resumed. What nerve to be stealing my, MY, bike???Just as I inhaled to let out a bellow at the thieving rascals, I heard the cutter going again. Something hit me as being out of the normal. I turned to get my dad's help and there he laid, snoring like a saw cutting metal. I caught his nose to stop his snores and kicked myself back to sleep!!!!

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